We can offer you exclusive prints done by Kevin Best, read more about him here. This is your chance to invest in his Limited Edition, direct from the publisher! To give you an idea of what other of his limited editions are worth check this website out. Those prints are done on canvas and our prints are done on acid free high quality art paper.

You may also be interested in some Limited Editions by Lawrence Starkey, read more about him here. Two of his Limited Edition prints are also available on canvas.

All these prints are our private collection, we are not a company, and therefore no sales tax or VAT is charged by us. You are buying direct from us who are private individuals.

We will pack your order, upon receipt of your payment, either by PayPal or direct bank transfer. We will send it insured by Post or other mutual accepted form of transport, like DHL etc.

We do not accept credit cards. Please let us know of your choice of payments.