Kevin Best presents

A Family Affair (set of 4)

Image size: 400 x 518 mm Paper size: 470 x 580 mm

"A Good Cast"  KB001-1


A neighbour rang to say the fish were biting down at the deep end.
The next morning three hopefuls set out with rod and reel and high expectations.
The young feller seemed to be a natural at casting and he landed the first fish,
not a big one but the first. Another golden memory.



"The Young Riders"  KB001-2


No trip to the country would be complete without a ride on a horse.
Grandfathers old long-retired friend was brought back into service to give the kids their first ride.
No matter how many horses they ride later in life, the first ride will always be the most memorable.


"Getting the Firewood"  KB001-3"


City kids become used to turning a knob or pressing a button for warmth or cooking.
What a novelty then, when wood for the fire was to be collected.
A ride on the tractor into the forest, the loading of the dead branches onto the trailer,
with everyone doing their bit, created a memorable experience which would remain with them,
for the rest of their lives.


 "Camping with Nanna and Pop"  KB001-4


Every young boy and girl has dreamed of camping out in the bush.
One of the highlights of this family's visit was a camping trip on the grandparents property.
Upon waking in the morning, dew on the grass, the warming light filtering down through the trees,
and the sound of running water, left them with beautiful memories.