His paintings of Australia's "golden age", evoke nostalgic memories to all of us. d'Arcy's art accurately depicts a child like innocence of domestic life of the late 1930's and a more leiurely, less complex era of earlier times, which is now part of our national history.

d'Arcy Doyle was born in 1932. He was the youngest of nine children. He grew up in Ipswich, a south western Queensland city. The unpaved deserted streets of his childhood were later to provide inspiration for his paintings, which show simpler, more peaceful times.

At the age of just 13 d'Arcy left school and became an apprentice sign writer. He later joined the navy, where we developed a passion for painting, teaching him self the fundamentals.

After 6 years service he moved to Sydney to become a professional artist, where he began by painting stage backdrops and murals. Gradually he established himself as a successful realist painter, regularly selling his canvasses. In the mid -70's he returned to Queensland and was living in Mudgeeraba, behind the Gold Coast, with his wife and two children.

In 1982 Doyle depicted a few young boys playing cricket on a deserted dirt road in a bygone country town, called "The Cricket Match". The nostalgic style struck a chord with all Australians, thus the painting was an immediate success. It is now estimated that as many as 1 in 4 Australians have a print of d'Arcy Doyle a startictic unmatched by many past and present Australian artists.