Lawrence Starkey has an abiding love for the uniqueness of the Australian landscape and its inhabitants. He has had many years of experience travelling and exploring the country. He is a highly accomplished artist who for his skill and ability in capturing and depicting the light and form of the landscape, from the red centre to the lushnes of the coastal fringe with its reefs and islands he paints with a depth of feeling and clarity.


Lawrence was born in Cairns in Northern Queensland in 1959. At the age of five, his family settled on the Gold Coast in Southern Queensland, where he has lived for most of his life.


With a compulsion to draw and paint from childhood, Lawrence received tutoring at the age of fourteen and as a schoolboy, won his first major competition with the Gold Coast Show Art Prize. These lead him to attending Seven Hills Art College where he studied a wide range of subjects including drawing, painting, photography, print making, and ceramics.


From 1977, showing his paintings along the Eastern Seaboard and in Canberra, Lawrence continued to win many prizes, thus beginning his career as a professional artist.


Now married, Lawrence has continued his career full time for eighteen years. After numerous succesful exhibitions – both solo and collective – his works are in many private, corporate and government collections within Australia.


He has had exhibitions in Japan and the United States where he quickly obtained commissions by major clients and publishers. These commissions have taken him from as varied locations as Mt. Fuji and the Grand Canyon to the wilds of Deneli National Park in Alaska. They have covered subjects from landscape to wildlife to native American Indians. As a consequence, Lawrence is now finding a strong public following for his work abroad as well as at home in Australia.


(written 1995)